Organise my payments

When you run a business, having the right payment facilities in place for both yourself and your customers is important.

Merchant facilities and everyday payment solutions help you manage your daily transactions, pay your suppliers, and keep track of your receipts.

  • In person payment options

    If you sell to your customers in person, we have a number of payment solutions whether you’re behind the counter or on the move. Get a quote

    for a high volume of transactions

    Mobile EFTPOS (GoPos®)
    for on the job or on the move

    Integrated EFTPOS
    combines point-of-sale software

    trade securely on the go with your smart phone

    NBN and Bendigo EFTPOS

  • Online payment options

    If your business is conducted online or over the phone, the following payment options can help make the purchase of your goods easier for everyone. Get a quote

    Website payment gateway
    for online purchases.

    Online mail order/telephone order
    for mail, telephone, fax and secure email orders.

    Batch processing
    for businesses who receive membership payments, subscriptions or donations in large volumes.

    for any business that needs an account receivable process.

  • Transaction accounts

    Business Everyday Account
    Ideal if your small business has total aggregate business lending under $500,000 and makes a high number of transactions.

    Business Basic Account
    Ideal if your small business has total aggregate business lending under $500,000 and makes a low number of transactions.

    Specialty accounts for all business types

    Regulated Trust Accounts
    For businesses that receive money on behalf of their clients and are required by law to hold this money in trust.

  • Savings accounts

    Savings accounts for all business types

    Business EasySaver Account
    An account that gives you better rates for your savings, with at-call convenience.

    Business CommunitySaver Account
    This dual-purpose account helps you earn interest on your working capital while connecting you to a community minded organisation.

How to contact us for assistance with your existing merchant service or facility.